We are sorry if you are experiencing issues with any of our eHitter®products. To ensure above and beyond satisfaction for our customers, UTVG and its afilliates provides a LIFETIME WARRANTY for the eHitter® vMicro-USB Battery, the eHitter® IC Protect USB Charger and the eHitter® AC wall adapter purchased from our official eHitter® website and eHitter® authorized retailers. To obtain your LIFETIME WARRANTY, you must retain your receipt as proof of purchase and complete our Product Registration Form. A (30) day limited warranty covers replacement of unused defective eHitter® V5 Wax Pyrex Glass Globe, eHitter® V9 Dry Herb Chamber and the eHitter® V8 Elips Essential Oil Tank for thirty (30) days from the date of purchase. The limited warranty is for manufacturing defects only; If your device is found to have a material or manufacturing flaw, UTVG will replace the defective eHitter® part with an identical exchange. Due to the eHitter cartridges/attachments being a consumable product, once the product is used, there is NO warranty coverage or replacement available for these parts. The eHitter® cartridges/attachments are disposable parts, in which commonly used herbs, wax or liquids are placed.

Once registered on the eHitter® website, your warranty will be activated. If your product qualifies for replacement, you can return your defective part for a FREE REPLACEMENT. Simply mail the product to our main office (see contact us page) with a proof of purchase and just pay shipping and handling.
Please contact the Customer Service, info@ehitter.com, for assistance with a malfunctioning product, troubleshooting or if replacements are needed.

We recommend when returning or mailing the eHitter® battery to use a mail carrier with tracking services, as we are not responsible for any undelivered packages and will not refund or give credit for products we do not receive.

If you are experiencing problems with your eHitter®, please attempt the cleaning process before contacting our customer service department for a replacement. For cleaning instructions please go to our“FAQ “How do I clean my eHitter® vaporizer ” page or request cleaning instructions via email at info@ehitter.com.

UTVG and its affiliates will send the warranted eHitter® replacement product to you. International customers will have 30 days to return items to our office. International Customers will be responsible for shipping and returning the original malfunctioning product. We highly recommend getting tracking for your package as we are not responsible for any undelivered packages and will not refund or give credit for products we do not receive.